Picking a good balance bike becomes easier than ever!

Parents usually wonder when they have to choose a bike which is not only appropriate for their offspring’s physical characteristics but also supports them well in learning the most important skills. The first question coming to their minds is that what kind of bicycle should be picked out. Bikes for children are various in designs depending on manufacturers’ purpose in which how their bike riding abilities can be developed. Available choices in the market are training-wheel bikes, tricycles, ride-on toys and balance bikes. Have you ever heard of a smart gear balance bike before? You can click here to get more information about smart gear balance bike. Continue reading

How to make a choice of the softball bats

The softball has become the most favorite sports activity of people in all over the world. Almost all people have a deep passion for this sport because they consider it as a kind of the exercise to help people keep fit and stay healthy. Due to the popularity of the softball, people usually spend a lot of time to make a choice of the best softball bats which can help them have a great time to experience their interesting game.

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Activities for parents to play with children in the spare time

According to lots of scientific researchers, children need time to play on their own and play with other children without adult intervention. However, the most important thing is that children also need to have time together with their parents.

In fact, young children are looking forward to play with their parents because this creates a very special feelings for the baby. Therefore, parents are encouraged to spend the time playing with children on a regular basis. They can help stimulate the growth of children by encourage them to listen and sing together, create the marvelous sounds by utilize the best reverb pedals and other music instruments respectively.

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5 Reasons why balance bike is the best choice for children

Nowadays, balance bike has become very popular towards a great number of parents. Which this type of bike, the children can learn many social skills for example the skill for balancing and for dealing with various obstacles on the route. And the most important aspect is that your child will become more confident after mastering the riding process.

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According to various balance bike reviews, this type of vehicle brings lots of benefits to individuals. Here are 5 reasons why bike balance is the best choice compared to other normal bikes in the market. Continue reading

Experiences of organizing outdoor events

Organizing an outdoor Event has many advantages such as open space, modern style, stunning ideas for outdoor decorations without being constrained by tight spaces, capacity to more participants. However, to organize a successful outdoor event like that, you should note the following issues:

1. Car park

Outdoor Event has a drawback that the organizers must fend for guest parking, unlike the event organized at the hotel where supplies with an available parking lot and methods to deal with the situation of too many cars. Parking problems become more critical and complex in these cases. However it is possible to calculate and prepare well. Based on the number of people which is estimated to attend the event, you can calculate the number of vehicles and their distribution, designate parking lots near the event site, as well as arrange for traffic guide in order to avoid jams in key areas as well as help the guests’ convenience.

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What should we notice when letting the kids outdoor?

Here are some notes that parents need to learn if they want their kids outdoor to play effectively and safely without worrying that weather problems may affect the kids’ fun time!!!

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In order to meet the children’s developmental needs, parents shouldn’t not only purchase children’s favorite toys but also pay attention to the expansion of their play space.  In addition, try to encourage them to go outside and play to enhance stamina, build up resistance to infection.

Specifically, doing exercises and play games outdoor help children can avoid obesity, autism, lack of communication skills, shyness found in kids who are sedentary and greater awareness of the world around them. Continue reading

What to do and not to do when being outdoors in the cold for long time

The cold winter is coming; long-time outdoor activities always make us suffer from frostbite. Thus, if we force to be outdoor in a long period with subzero temperatures, let prepare everything carefully. Preparation work should be focused on two stages: keeping body’s heat and warming your body when you are cold. Here is experts’ advice about what we should and should not do in cold weather in order that our body is exposed to frostbite.


1. Preparing winter clothes

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The first thing we need to do is choosing the right clothes to make our body feel comfortable and avoid decreasing body temperature when we are outdoors in a long time. The quality of clothes directly affects the degree of body heat. In this regard, we should be interested in not only outerwear but also underwear and accessories such as scarf, hat, gloves… Continue reading

Safety tips for exercising outdoors

The images of the old strolling, doing yoga and teenagers playing badminton, go jogging in the park or along the roadsides from dawn till dusk … are not strange to us.

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Home gyms are increasingly flourishing everywhere, from fitness clubs with opening windows to well-furnished luxury fitness clubs with air conditioners, carpets. Even though indoor environment is not affected by weather and exercise machines are more sufficient and professional than outdoor one, these classes will cost a lot and do not have the advantages of outdoor activities. However, outdoor activities may make you get sick if you do them in the wrong way. Continue reading

What do your children receive from outdoor activities?

Some outdoor activities such as climbing trees, swimming in the beach, cycling, playing in the rain, having a mud-bath and so on not only create a memorial childhood for kids but also bring them a lot of  practical healthy benefits. A survey from Australia about kids aged from 10 to 12 shows that nowadays up to 37% of kids spending less than 30 minutes each day for outdoor activities does not mention to do exercises and more than 43% of them uses 2 hours per day just to watch television or play video games.

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A recent research of America has indicated that “indoor culture” is a phenomenon influenced by the West. More than one-half of a number of children before the ages of going to school is quite hesitant about testing their strength of some outdoor activities. About 16% of the little girls seldom go out to breathe fresh air than boys. Another research also illustrates that there has been a significant change in the games for children these days. Among the interviewed parents, less than 20 % of them said that their children used to climb trees while only 29% thought that they were fond of skipping rope, playing hopscotch or some other street games. Continue reading